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About Ärk

As a leading global logistics company, Ärk excels in providing customized supply chain solutions for projects that are executed around the world; be it Materials Management, Heavy-lifting, Heavy-transport or Turnkey Operations. With corporate headquarters based in Singapore and global operating headquarters located in Dubai, UAE, Ärk’s global presence and a top-of-the-line fleet of equipment have allowed us to deliver an incomparable service to our clients over the course of many years.

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ARK has earned a sterling reputation for providing reliable, state-of-the-art equipment and creatively engineered solutions for a safe delivery over the years. We offer an integrated range of services including Turnkey Operations, Logistics Services and Warehouse and Material Management within a precise time frame to lower the turnaround time of any project at hand.

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South Africa | Postmasburg
UPCOMING: Redstone Solar Thermal Power Plant (RSTP)
ÄrkGlobal will commence its contribution to the Redstone Solar Thermal Power Plant (RSTP) in November, 2018.