KUWAIT | Al Zour South 3 Power Station

Keeping the turnaround time low to boost efficiency

The project involves the conversion of an open cycle gas turbine power plant to a combined cycle power plant located in Al Zour, Kuwait. As a result of the expansion, the capacity of the Al Zour South 3 open cycle power plant which initially operated with two SGT4-5000F gas turbines, will boost by 263MW without the use of additional gas.

Ärk is currently occupied with providing vessel chartering services and direct delivery of 14,359.49 CBM cargo to the Shuaiba Port and direct delivery of the cargo to the project site of the Al Zour Power Plant. With the optimal use of its extensive fleet of equipment, Ärk is effectively helping to cut down the turnaround time of the project.

Al Zour South 3 Power Station, Kuwait